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Above & Beyond Products offer help to individuals suffering from pain, disorders and diseases, resulting from injury, toxicity, overuse and stress.

For years Kathleen has researched ways to heal and relieve pain. Studying and experimenting with herbs, plants, oil, and pure substances that occur naturally have led to many very successful formulas. It took two years, for example, to develop the correct formula for the product Joyful Gel*. Testing and trying combinations of raw materials and then calculating what the desired properties need to be is often guess work, unless you know your extracts, plants and other ingredients. Eventually you will hit the winning combination. Each product we offer you has been tested on real people with real problems or suffering. The results needed to be successful at least 80% of the time or higher to prove that the product performed well. When you try using any one of these products for the properties it is claimed to have, we can tell you that your chances of being satisfied are greater than 80%. Try them yourself. After years of use by many clients, Joyful Gel* has become a standard anti-inflammatory product to be kept on hand in the home medicine cabinet or first aid kit. We have regular customers who reorder a couple times a year.

Would you be a first time user? If so, there is a coupon discount. When you buy your first jar of Joyful Gel* at the regular price, order a second jar at the same time, and we will discount the second jar $3.00.

Above & Beyond is confident that you will like each product, and you will want to use them down to the last drop.

Holistic Excellence

About Us

We are an alternative clinic dedicated to finding and using safe, natural remedies to cure or greatly reduce suffering and discomfort. We invite you to learn about us and to explore our wonderfully effective natural remedies.

Holistic Medicine

Above and Beyond Holistic Services uses a broad spectrum of natural medicine. At Above & Beyond, we investigate the whole person in order to find the best possible solution to get the health care needed for your pain and suffering. Some of the techniques used at Above & Beyond are found and used in only a few other places in the world.


Sixty percent of all work done at Above & Beyond Holistic Medicine has been spent on research. Many of the disorders and illnesses do not have simple remedies to cure them or keep them under control. It is important for us to understand the underlying causes of the many diseases and dis-orders in order to heal them.

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