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Over 31 Years of Experience

Kathleen has used a combination of unconventional and scientific methods of healing, in addition to emission techniques, remedies, herbs, homeopathy, and energy therapies, with great success.

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“ Watch the video to learn What Is Holistic Health? “
  • To be healthy, you have to practice it.

  • We have Channeled Information for mental, physical and spiritual health.

  • Step out of the fast lane, and be the best person you can be.

    There is no secret recipe that applies to all people to become healthier. At Above & Beyond Holistic Medicine, we teach everyone to state their goals, set up a plan to follow and keep it simple. As time goes by, and you feel better, Make necessary changes to build stamina and mental clarity.

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JoyFul Gel

Joyful Gel is for the athlete! It is for the arthritic sufferer! It is for YOU!!!
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Holistic Medicine Therapies

Holistic therapies encompass a broad spectrum of ways and means by which an individual is healed or helped to alleviate pain and suffering. Read More

Spiritual Healing Therapy

Today you are searching for answers and guidance about yourself and your future.
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Natural Remedies

Above & Beyond has natural remedies that effectively address joint pain. Read More

News and Articles

Jul 11, 2019

Crystals, Crystals, Then There Are Healing Crystals

Crystals, Crystals, Then There Are Healing Crystals For thirty-one years I have been using healing ...
Jul 11, 2019

Simplicity Is Sometimes The BEST MEDICINE

Simplicity Is Sometimes The BEST MEDICINE You read about sickness and illnesses being caused by ...
Jul 14, 2019

Foods for Fun and High Energy

Foods for Fun and High Energy Food has been called fuel (for the body), necessary ...

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