Joyful Gel

For powerfully healing and soothing the pain of sore muscles and joints due to overwork, sports, or injury.


Joyful Gel is a powerful healing and soothing product for your muscles and joints.

Joyful Gel is for the athlete! It is for the arthritic sufferer! It is for YOU with over worked muscles from job and home. It is for healing old injuries! It can even help you sleep. Use it to prepare for a really good workout at the gym.

Whether you are a mom running around with the kids all day, a factory worker, a school teacher, an athlete, a truck driver, or just a physically busy person with aches and pains, Joyful Gel was developed for YOU!

It’s an exciting product developed just for your needs. It’s designed to relieve pain, soothe soreness, stimulate healing and stop muscle and joint inflammation.

Joyful Gel does not conflict with 99% of any medications you may be taking.

A jar lasts a long time, and it’s inexpensive compared to pharmaceutical products.

Many massage therapists, holistic health practitioners, chiropractors and physical therapists use Joyful Gel.

Directions: Rub it on! Rub it in! It lasts for hours. It doesn’t hurt, but it will give you soothing sensations of heat and cool while penetrating deep into your body tissue.

Joyful Gel has all natural ingredients – no added fillers or fragrance.
This formula contains (not listed in order of volume):

Burdock Root
Aloe vera
Clove oil
Wintergreen oil
Ginger oil

Storage: Store product in a dark cool place away from sunlight and excessive heat. Joyful Gel is very enzymatically active. Sunlight and heat could diminish it’s effectiveness. You can keep Joyful Gel at room temperature for up to 9 months as you use it. After that put it in your freezer for an additional 1 year.

Joyful Gel comes in a 5.5 oz leak-proof jar.