Crushanka Spot Heal

For healing painful hard, knotty, stiff muscles by softening them and restoring healthy blood flow.



This is a product formulated to detox and/or break up hard knotted “soft” tissue (mainly in muscles) in order to restore smooth healthy well-nourished cells again.

Crushanka Spot Heal draws better blood flow and osmotically sucks out toxic substances that may be trapped in tissue that is usually over used or over worked. Rub in small circles just on SPOTS of lumps, and/or hard, inflamed muscles of neck, arms, back, shoulders, and even legs.

Crushanka Spot Heal gel is unique. Developed in 2006, it is used by holistic health conscious practitioners and their patients. This therapeutic gel is safe and easy to apply. Crushanka Spot Heal gives great comfort to your over-worked and stressed-out muscles. It was designed to do the job of healing over used muscles and joints not to just make them feel better. The tissue you apply it on will actually become better. The idea is to heal the painful tissue as quickly as possible.

We’ve had many repeat users, because it works quickly and saves your muscles from toxic build-ups, due to over-usage. The healing aspect of Crushanka Spot Heal is its ability to increase blood flow to your painful spot and help the flow of offensive substances to drain out of your body.

Crushanka Spot Heal isn’t just for the athlete. It’s for everyday working men and women with sore and painful muscle problems.

Directions: Rub in small circles on spots of lumps, hardness and/or inflamed muscles of the neck, arms, back, shoulders and legs.

The pictures above show you where the most common spots are to apply the Crushanka Spot Heal gel. You don’t need to rub it into a large area or region to get results. Rub in small circles, and the deep penetrating affect of Crushanka will work to smooth out knotted or stiff feeling muscles. Healthy blood flow will begin to nourish the cells and bring you comfort.

You can enhance its effectiveness: We recommend using Joyful Gel* over the application of Crushanka Spot Heal to sooth and bring on a healing affect quickly and comfortably. After the application of Crushanka Spot Heal, wait about 15 minutes, then rub an application of Joyful Gel* over the area except slightly wider. This is an excellent remedy to keep in your medicine cabinet for “first aid” and in your gym bag. The ingredients are all natural.

Crushanka Spot Heal has all natural ingredients – no added fillers or fragrance.
This formula contains (not listed in order of volume):

Burdock Root
Aloe Vera
Arnica Oil
Clove oil

Storage: Store product in a dark cool place away from sunlight and excessive heat. Crushanka Spot Heal is very enzymatically active. Sunlight and heat could diminish it’s effectiveness. You can keep Crushanka at room temperature for 3-4 months as you use it. After that put it in your refrigerator (not freezer) for a total of 1 year.

Crushanka Spot Heal comes in a tough 13.5 fl oz (400 ml) leak-proof, snap lock container.


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