Cellaphileagia Gel


For relieving pain and healing inflamed, damaged nerves in your spine and back.



This gel formula is designed to heal inflamed and damaged spinal nerve endings in the back.

Cellaphileagia Gel is a safe, effective way of treating spinal nerve cell endings that are inflamed, pinched, or otherwise damaged. Such injuries can be due to accidents, falls, sports, gym workouts, over work, scars and similar. The back has many places on the spine where nerves can get in trouble. This kind of back pain is a leading cause of discomfort in this country. It centers around nerve ending inflammation and pinched nerves.

Cellaphileagia Gel was developed in 2007 and successfully used on patients when nothing else worked. It can bring comfort to those pinchy painful areas on your spine where some expensive pharmaceutical drugs cannot reach or be effective. It also has the potential to heal, not just comfort, your spine. Cellaphileagia Gel is a topical holistic product that is all natural.


Focus on Spinal Column

Cellaphileagia Gel needs to be over the site of your nerve pain. Apply by either rubbing in with fingers or use a transdermal pad where the product is smeared on the pad and then placed over the nerve-ending area. The picture shows the spine where these nerve endings are found. Where the yellow "trails" are in the diagram show how places on your spine can affect other parts of your body. Put Cellaphileagia Gel on the nerve site affected on your back, not some other place that the nerve damaged maybe be causing extended pain.

Spinal Column Delivery System

Here is the spine. On this area is where Cellaphileagia Gel is applied. Assume it is a specific number of vertebre.

Spinal Nerve Diagram

This shows you specifically parts of your spine where the Cellaphileagia Gel should be used by name. If you know your spine by the medical terminology this helps you locate the sites.

Cellaphileagia Gel has all natural ingredients – no added fillers or fragrance.
This formula contains (not listed in order of volume):

Dandelion root
Comfrey root
Aloe vera
Arnica oil

Storage: While using daily you may store in a cool dry area away from sunlight. Cellaphileagia Gel is very enzymatically active. Sunlight and heat could diminish it’s effectiveness. If you are not going to use it for awhile, put the tub in the freezer. It will keep up to two years.

Cellaphileagia Gel comes in a tough 13.5 fl oz (400 ml) leak-proof, snap lock container.